Bolivian Contemporary Artists


Roberto Valcarcel: (b. 1951) He is an interdisciplinary visual artist, considered the father of the contemporary art in Bolivia.  Valcárcel studied Graphic Design and got Master's Degree in Architecture in Darmstadt, Germany. He is also a photographer, pedagogue and intellectual. “His artistic proposal is transgressive, in terms of experimentation with new materials and the way in which he raises their conceptual meanings. In more than 40 years of career, he has demonstrated mastery of every technique he uses: drawing, painting, photography, performance, installations and object art, generating impeccable pieces that raise awareness of those who connect with them" by Eduardo Ribera BlueBox, Curator - XX Biennial of Visual Arts of Santa Cruz in 'Exhibition in Tribute to Roberto Valcárcel  by Manzana1'

Cecilia Lampo: (b. 1952)  Visual artist (photography, painting) and art curator.  Her current work reflects on the environment she inhabits: natural, urban and social. She uses intervened photographs, paintings, wooden objects and reflective texts on art.  She pays special attention to the order of things and using various techniques she has configured notebooks, installations and texts that allow her to perceive models of life and action. 

Herminio Pedraza:  (1935-2006)  Modernist painter who has gone through different stages: impressionism, surrealism, abstract expressionism, until he defined his style in Fauvism, within which he has made his most outstanding works. He had his first artistic studies at the school of Bellas Artes in Santa Cruz, as student of the prominent Hungarian artist Jorge Rózsa.  He was part of the trio of artist known as holy cows, formed by Kuramotto, Callaú and Pedraza, who notoriously influenced the course of the plastic arts in Santa Cruz.


Pedraza was "a colorist, who expresses himself through color, even drawing with color , communicating ideas and perception through his own peculiar style" by P. Querejazu; "his work has to be considered not only an account of the life and traditions of the Bolivian East lands, but as an active component in the construction of the identity of people native of Santa Cruz (identidad cruceña)" by Franca Calmoti.  Quotes taken from the online book Tribute to Herminio Pedraza 1935-2006 by Manzana1.

Links with more information on this artist and his work:

Herminio Pedraza - La libertad del color (The freedom of color)

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