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Bolivian Photography Exhibitions

Bolivia's Threatened Ecosystems From the Amazon To the Andes

video de fotografias - fundraiser

Photographic exhibit created by leading photographer Andres Unterladstatter. It contains over 60 photographs taken by Unterladstatter himself and 11 other prominent photographers: Kev Aleman, Ruben Dario Azogue, Patricio Crooker, David Flores, Hermes Justiniano, Pedro Laguna, Adolfo Lino, Viviana Loayza Flores,  Andres Mac Lean, Wara Vargas, and Gabriela Villanueva.

Kiosko online Gallery:  Exhibit TERRA INCOGNITA

Manzana 1 : Chiquitania en Llamas

Recent Awards in Photography

Daniela Cajias - Director of Photography.  Daniela made history by becoming the first female cinematographer to win Spain’s coveted 2021 Goya Award for Best Cinematography.

Prominent Bolivian Photographers

Kev Aleman

Ruben Dario Azogue 

Joaquin Carvajal

River Claure

Patricio Croocker

David Flores

Hermes Justiniano

Willy Kenning - Bolivia’s most celebrated aerial photographer.   He was the first Bolivian to be invited to contribute towards the world famous National Geographic magazine.

Pedro Laguna

Kelly Ledezma

Adolfo Lino

Wilfredo Limachi Mamani (Satori Gigie)

Viviana Loayza Flores

Andres Mac Lean

Tony Suárez

Wara Vargas Lara 

Andres Unterladstaetter

Gabriela Villanueva.

History of Bolivian Photography links

Enrique Suaznábar, testigo silente de la fotografía Boliviana

Archivo Julio Cordero

Please visit Pablo Querejazu  for information about important books which  include: Bolivia en Blanco y Negro  - photos from Archivo de La Paz, Historia de la Fotografía en Bolivia  by Fernando Suárez Saavedra and about 5 books by Rodolfo Torrico Zamudio

Ongoing Events and Exhibitions in London

Photography Competition Opportunities in UK 

Black + White Photography 

Cheltenham Camera Club

Photography Courses Online

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