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CBAT is proud to celebrate 2021 GOYA AWARD winner


For Best Cinematography

For the film "Schoolgirls"

"Schoolgirls" Trailer

Bolivian Prominent Filmmakers

Marcos Loayza: (b. La Paz, 1959)  Film director and scriptwriter; founder of the production company ALMA films.  He is considered an outstanding Latin American filmmaker, by various critics and publications, and his films have been considered among the best Latin productions in various selections, publications, exhibitions and anthologies and have been deserving of various international awards and recognitions. Marcos studied Architecture in La Paz at the UMSA and cinema at the International Film and Video School of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba; he was a student of Alfredo Bryce Echenique, Jean-Claude Carrière and José Sanchis Siniestra.  He is also a cartoonist. 

To learn more about Carlos Loayza and his work: Biofilmografía de Marcos LoayzaFilms & Documentaries, Drawings

 Cine de industria en la era del vacío by Carlos Loayza

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Bolivian Films

Chaco, 2020 - Diego Mondaca

Tu Me Manques, 2019 - Rodrigo Bellott 

The GoalKeeper, 2018 - Rodrigo "Gory" Patiño

Dark Skull 2017 - Kiro Russo 

Carga Sellada (Sealed Cargo), 2016 - Julia Vargas Weise

Short films

Extranjeros (Foreigners), 2020 - Fernando Arze Echalar

Volivia 2015 - Sergio Pinedo

El olor de Tu Ausencia (Smell of Absence)" 2010 - Eddy Vasquez 

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